Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research

A research and education partnership between Baylor University and the City of Waco focused on aquatic resources. This Center is a natural outflow of many years of collaboration between these institutions as over the years Baylor and the City have each developed significant water-related expertise and capabilities.


Aquatic resources are essential to both ecological function and a healthy, prosperous society. CRASR scientist are conducting research in diverse areas that will help us make better management decisions in support of both humanity and nature. Our findings are clarifying our understanding of the natural function of aquatic ecosystems and how human activities are impacting those functions. Eutrophication, priority pollutants and climate change are just some of the many facets of research being conducted in our labs.

Academic Partners

Cross-disciplinary research is universally praised but rarely implemented effectively. CRASR has facilitated the development of vibrant and long-lasting partnerships across Baylor to expand research, outreach and educational activities.

Environmental Science
School of Education